12. Ансамбль солистов «Con Forza»
Country Russia
City Nizhniy Novgorod
Date 28.03.2012


The group members: Alexander Mindiashvili (violin), Yurii Barsukov (double-bass), Valentina Amosova (vocal), Igor Mazharov (piano), Alexey Pospelov (percussion), Nikita Vlasov (accordion).

Music, written and played by "Con Forza", is a kaleidoscope, in which the next image is quite inpredictable. Every new piece appearing in the ensemble's repertoire is different from previous ones because every time it carries new ideas of artists. And this fact, the musicians say, cannot be called "playing the style": the change of directions, striking contrasts are not descriptive methods but flight of thought, flow of imagination, which cannot be stopped.
The repertoire covers music of all genres and eras - from the Archaic to nowadays. Therefore, it is impossible to define the style of "Con Forza": the players themselves say that it is "not just music - it is life itself, which lives in the new work in new ways".



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