20. MG_INC duo
Country Italy
City Parma
www http://www.mginc.eu
Date 28.03.2012


The duo members: Gian Guido Ponzini (viola da gamba), Myriam Farina (harp).

MG_INC project focuses on contemporary music from all over the world and it is the result of a long journey through the compositions of Philip Glass, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Joe Hisaishi, Yann Tiersen, Nobuo Uematsu, Giovanni Sollima arranged in a new, fun and fresh way by a young dynamic duo.
Two unusual instruments, from different ages and conceptions: viola da gamba, baroque instrument for antonomasia, is now played in a totally new and contemporary way, merged with the magical atmospheres of the harp to give a unique, remarkable and completely new point of view with its ancient soundscapes to the contemporary compositions.
The MG_INC project started on March 2011 and the duo played in several important festivals such as Festival di Torrechiara Renata Tebaldi, Musica nei Castelli, Festival Verdi, Giornata Internazionale della viola da gamba and many others.




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