05. Murillo Da Rós & Arte Nomade
Country Brasil
City Curitiba
Date 27.03.2012


The group members: Da Rós Murillo (acoustic guitar), Glauco Solter (bass guitar), Luciano Mandalozzo (percussions).

Arte Nomade is an original music score, full of harmonic and melodic surprises, presenting a gentle balance between a unique sound and a strong personality that defies labels and categorizations. It is a wonderful opportunity to hear the richness of the Brazilian music interacting with the freedom of Jazz and the intensity of the Flamenco music - a beautiful dance among cultures, where everything has its place and nothing loses its ground. Musicians share a passion for instrumental music and its hidden treasures that is present in every beat, every pause and in every note they produce.

Recently the ensemble has taken part in such festivals as Duofel - Joinville Jazz Festival (Brasil), Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival (Italy), Omis Guitar Fest (Croatia); Winner of Ourstage Instrumental Musical Festival; has released a DVD with Cia Arte Nomade. The group gives concerts in Brasilia and abroad.



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