27. Style-Quartet
Country Russia
City Nizhniy Novgorod
www http://www.style-quartet.ru/
Date 29.03.2012


The quartet members: Kristina Fish (minor domra), Darya Smirnova (alto domra), Venedict Peunov (bayan), Alexander Belyaev (double-bass balalaika).

The "Style-Quartet" group is the award winner of the VII Russian competition of folk music (Vladimir, 2008), runner-up of the I World Terem-Crossover Competition tournament (St. Petersburg, 2010), member of the International festival "Masters Constellation" (Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, Moscow, 2010), "Voice of Folk Instruments" (Yekaterinburg, 2011), EU - Russia Summit (Nizhny Novgorod, 2011).|
The group performances were a great success at many major venues in Russia: Column Hall of the House of Trade Unions (Moscow), Yaroslavl State Philharmony, the Nizhny Novgorod Philharmony and so on.
At first glance, the group membership is a traditional one, but here the tradition comes to an end. They are playing ordinary Russian folk instruments: bayan, balalaika and domra, but here the ordinary is over. Even the group name is very extraordinary. Hearing that name, many accuse "Style-Quartet" of "being non-Russians". Why is Style? Style is an English word for "Style, glamour, chic". Thus the name sets a very high standard for everything they do to be of superior quality, very "stylish"! The "Style-Quartet" is understandable all over the world, so the band is named in English. And in fact, who told you that the quartet plays only Russian folk music?
It is hard to define the "Style-Quartet" performance style. The group prefers classical music arranged in modern styles. Ravel's "Bolero", Rimsky-Korsakov's "Scheherazade", Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" etc. already "suffered" of such arrangement. Also, "Style-Quartet" plays folk, releasing primitive, pagan elements, which sometimes wake in each of us. Today, it is called Crossover, an art out of style. Probably. Some call it World Musis. For God's sake. They do not care about their style name, because they have style! They are - "Style-Quartet"!




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