08. Инструментальная группа «Subtilu-Z»
Country Lithuania
City Vilnius
www http://subtilu-z.lt/
Date 27.03.2012


The group members: Dmitrijs Mihailovs (accordion), Laurynas Vaitkus (tenor birbine), Povilas Velikis (accordion), Vytautas Švažas (percussion).

The ensemble performs pieces of various composers, including own compositions in the academic intellectual pop music style with elements of jazz. The group birth is dated spring of 2005, when two accordion players decided to play together. Later a percussionist and a tenor birbine (Lithuanian national instrument) player joined them. Over the past three years, the group became a laureate of the following international competitions: Citta di Lanciano - 1st place (2008), Citta di Castelfidardo - 3rd place (2009), Vilnius, 2011 - 1st place (2011). The group takes an active part in various festivals and concerts, both in Lithuania and abroad. October 27, 2011 in Vilnius, the group "Subtilu-Z" has gathered first-ever concert at 7:30 in the morning in the concert hall Piano.lt, which was crowned with unbelievable success as full house.




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