01. «Квинтет Четырёх»
Country Russia
City St.Petersburg
www http://vkontakte.ru/club16734529
Date 27.03.2012


The quartet members: Georgiy Nefyodov (balalaika), Evgeniy Petrov (bayan), Vladimir Kovpaev (bass domra), Andrey Dolgov (double bass balalaika).

The "Quintet of Four" was born in summer of 2009 at the corner of Nevsky Prospekt and Fontanka, when four (or five?) friends and fellow-students of St. Petersburg Conservatory were entertaining themselves and strolling audience by playing the musical instruments.
Months later, deciding to participate in the international competition, the quintet moved to the conservatory classes. The serious rehearsals began, and they are still going on nowadays and, according to the intentions of the musicians will not end even after they pass to the better world.
Directing the conscience in different music styles and epochs of the universe of our world, they came to a logical conclusion that music is a reality, and they play it in and try to realize limitless power of music as a striking example of the order, beauty and eternity.




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