17. Ансамбль музыкального синематографа «Pervoe Solnce»
Country Russia
City Moscow
www http://pervoe-solnce.com
Date 28.03.2012


The group members: Vladimir Goloukhov (vibraphone), Daria Lovat (cello, vocal), Alexey Sokolov (accordion), Sergey Uryupin (acoustic guitar), Dmitry Savin (trumpet), Denis Shushkov (double bass), Petr Ivshin (percussion).

The project idea is overlapping of poles and polarity of different music styles into a single harmonious form.
Jazz-rock drums and a jazz bass, a classical guitar, a cello and a trumpet, a melancholic accordion and a handful of vibraphone consonances create a unique atmosphere of melody, elegance and drive.
These small paintings and sketches, called so by the band members, are inviting the listener into a world of dreams and cinematic flair. But the most important feature is passion of creating beauty, filling the space with a disarming atmosphere of joy and love.
The band was founded in 2010. The debut was made at the Jazz BeZ international festival (Ukraine - Poland), where, according to critics, it was recognized as one of the best debuts in the festival history. The project is being realized at the stages of the famous Moscow clubs (16 tons, Music Town, Alma-Mater (Jazz Town), Bilingua, FAQ-cafe, etc.), and at such international festivals as Live in Blue Bay (Ukraine, Koktebel), Callander Jazz and Blues Festival (Scotland).
The project resulted in "COLLAGE" and "Point of View" CDs. The release of new albums is planned for the future.
The project music was taken as sound tracks for films (a feature film "Watercolors") and clips.




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