14. Роберт Юлдашев и команда «Курайсы»
Country Russia
City Ufa
Date 28.03.2012


The group members: Robert Yuldashev (kurai), Azamat Yagafarov (piano, bass dumbra), Evgeniy Chugaev (dumbra, guitar), Rafis Lugamanov (dungur, percussion), Rasim Lugamanov (dungur, percussion), Arslan Salimov (sornai, french horn).

Robert Yuldashev is a kuraysy, an ethnic musician playing the ancient musical wind instrument kurai, which is made of cane growing in the South Urals. Hearing his performance is compared to "hearing Eternity in the instrument sound". The musician collaborates with the "Moscow Virtuosi" of Vladimir Spivakov, Nikolay Noskov (ex-"Gorky Park"), Garik Sukachev, Pelageya, and others. He recorded sound tracks for the film "A House of the Sun" and together with the of the Bolshoi Theater Symphony Orchestra a sound track of the film "The Way" was recorded. In June 2006 he founded a band of musicians, playing ancient Bashkir musical instruments as dungur, dumbra, kurai, kubyz. The repertoire includes Bashkir folk and author's music, covers of famous pieces. Robert Yuldashev and his band "Kuraysy" were nominated "The Festival Discovery" at the "World Creation 2011" International Music Forum.




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