30 ensembles and 150 musicians,
12 countries and 11 experts,
7 days and 1 Grand Prix

Saint-Petersburg State Capella and
Shostakovich Philharmonic Grand Hall

II round - 500 minutes of crossover music
III round - You choose the winners!

30 instrumental groups from 12 countries:
Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Belarus, Switzerland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Portugal, Brasil

«Terem-Quartet» - the leading crossover music group in Russia

Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg,
Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg.

TEREM CROSSOVER Second International Music Competition will take place from March 26 till April 1 in St. Petersburg, organized by Terem-Quartet with the support of the Government of St. Petersburg.

30 groups from 12 countries are coming to our city to show their experimentalist talents. Knights of modern music will fight for a Grand Prix and substantial money prizes.

The II round competition auditions will take place in State Academic Capella from March 27 till 29, and the III round will be held on March 31. The competitors will be judged by distinguished professionals: famous musicians, composers, as well as well-known managers and producers from Russia, Hungary, Israel, Germany, Japan and China. The winner will be awarded the Grand Prix and a money prize equal to 600 000 rubles. The awarding ceremony and the closing Gala concert will take place in the Shostakovich Philharmonic Grand Hall at 7 p.m. on April 1.

Concerts of well-known musicians will be held within the Competition:

26/03, 19:00 Capella, the Competition Opening Ceremony, Terem-Quartet and the winners of TEREM CROSSOVER-2010 - ensemble "HIDE-HIDE" (Japan)
27/03, 19:00 Shostakovich Philharmonic Grand Hall, Roby Lakatos (violin, Hungary)
28/03, 19:00 Capella, Giora Feidman (clarinet, Israel)
29/03, 20:00 Capella, Yasuhiro Kobayashi (accordion, Japan)
01/04, 19:00 Shostakovich Philharmonic Grand Hall
Gala Concert featuring Terem-Quartet, Yasuhiro Kobayashi (accordion, Japan), Giora Feidman (clarinet, Israel), Paul Winter (saxophone, USA), Andrey Kondakov (piano, Russia), Sergey Starostin (vocal, Russia) and prize-winners of the Competition.

outstanding musicians and distinguished composers,
well-known managers and producers:

Terem Quartet -organizer of the Competition, the leading crossover music band in Russia (Russia);
Paul Winter - saxophonist, 7-time "Grammy" winner (USA);
Yvan Tan - founder and producer of Saron Music GmbH (Germany);
Yasuhiro Kobayashi - accordionist, composer, producer, one of the most famous musicians of Japan (Japan);
Giora Feidman - legendary clarinetist who made klezmer music a part of the world music culture (Israel);
Qian Hoehne - manager of Wu Promotion, one of the leading companies in Asia in the field of artist management and concert promotion (China);
Andrey Kondakov - composer, jazz pianist (Russia);
Roby Lakatos - violinist (Hungary);
Kimmo Mattila - Artistic director of Sata-Häme Soi International Music Festival, General Secretary of Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) (Finland);
Sergey Starostin - vocalist, folklore researcher (Russia).

TEREM CROSSOVER Competition is both a contest and a festival. 150 musicians, from young experimentalists to famous artists, will gather in March in St. Petersburg to compete on the academic stage, play concerts, and give master-classes and workshops for a whole week.
All the bands are united with the crossover style of music they play.

CROSSOVER music can be defined as a crossroads, a meeting point where different musical styles and directions come together. It is based on an absence of restrictions on the use of different styles and genres in music, to achieve the embodiment of musical images clear and close to the listener. In removing stylistic constraints (the most reliable cover for a lack of content), crossover music not only grants freedom to an artist in his creative search, but where an artist has something to say, encourages the musician to convey the content of the music to the listener.

Andrey Konstantinov, the President of the Competition, a member of Terem-Quartet, says that «TEREM CROSSOVER is a meeting between kindred spirits, between musicians with the spirit of experiment, musicians who are pursuing a search for their own individual creative style, and it is an opportunity to acquaint listeners with the newest trends in the development of modern music. It makes no odds what instruments competition entrants play - the violin, the accordion or the bagpipes - what matters is the music they play and its content. The winner of the Competition will be music itself»

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